Western medicine seeks to suppress the symptoms of ailments. Chinese medicine takes a different approach, focusing instead on the underlying root causes of the ailment, to correct and prevent future health problems. The goal of Chinese medicine is to bring the body into energetic balance. Encompassing five holistic modalities (acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutrition, lifestyle, and bodywork), it harmonizes the body naturally.
When the body’s systems are out of equilibrium, pain and/or organ dysfunction tend to occur. By increasing circulation, lessening inflammation, easing tension, and boosting the immune system, Chinese medicine brings one back to homeostasis. This results in the alleviation of pain or dysfunction, and the achievement of maximum health for life.


Itself consists of the insertion of fine needles into specific points throughout the body. Over 2,500 years ago the Chinese discovered these “acupoints” by configuring a system of “meridians” or channels that course through the body. A customized point prescription is selected for each individual patient based on their ailment and constitution. Upon insertion, the practitioner seeks out the “da qi” (pronounced duh-chi) for optimal results. Da qi is the arrival of the qi, or energy flow in the body, manifested as a dull ache or tingling sensation in and around the acupoint.


Are potent natural medicines derived from the earth, consisting of botanical and entomological elements. Herb formulas are offered in the form of pills, capsules, teas, powders, or creams, each customized to the patient’s needs. Because they are not artificial or man-made, they have little adverse side affects.


Affect everyone differently, because of our individual make-ups. Chinese medicine seeks to educate and bring awareness to the right foods and behaviors for your physiology. Sometimes just a small change in nutrition and habits can alleviate symptoms, big or small.


Are forms of Eastern bodywork. The ancient massaging technique increases blood flow, breaks up stasis and relieves built up tension, relieving the pain and channeling energy.